What kind of promotions are there?

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What kind of promotions are there?
  • We will usually run a promotion around major holidays as well as a referral program that allows customers to earn $4 from every sale that comes from a referral.  If you are featured in our Newsletter, our marketing team will discuss possible promotion options. Of course there is are very popular Tasterboxes too!

What are Tasterboxes?

Why do I need to send samples?

I have a new product or flavor.  Does Tastermonial make an announcement?

I have a new product that I want to add to Tastermonial.

Do I have to participate in Tastermonial promotions?

Can I add a link of Tastermonial’s shop to my site?

Can I add my coupons or promotions when shipping my products bought from the Tastermonial shop?

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