How can I fulfill my orders?

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How can I fulfill my orders?
  • Log into your Tastermonial Vendor's Portal, go to Orders and select Orders Listing.  Under Action, click View on the desired order.  There, you can Print Shipping Label under Additional Order Details.  Then scroll to the bottom and click Accept and Fulfill Order. For those who are using the Syncio link, the order is pushed to your Shopify.

How can I view my payouts?

I’ve fulfilled an order and have not been paid.  Why?

When do I receive my payout?

How fast must I fulfill an order?

How can I view my orders?

Why does Tastermonial take a 10% commission?

What is Tastermonial’s commission?

What if I have perishable or frozen goods?

Who is responsible for shipping?

Why is the default shipping configuration set to Free?

What if a product arrives damaged?

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