What is Tastermonial Market?

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What is Tastermonial Market?

Tastermonial’s online grocery stores make it easy to find healthy, diet-specific products while also supporting small to medium-sized businesses. We understand how hard it is for consumers with specific diets to find foods that match their preferences. Because most grocery stores chains aren’t accepting new products, lots of small consumer brands that cater to diet-focused foods are boxed out.

Tastermonial  created the first “fair market” grocery store giving emerging food brands a chance to compete with larger brands and reach consumers who want to buy natural food products that are a perfect fit for their diet. Tastermonial matches consumers with good-tasting foods that fit their lifestyle while providing visibility for these small/medium-sized brands.

What is the Tastermonial App?

What are Tasterboxes?

What is Tastermonial’s philosophy

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