How are the products selected?

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How are the products selected?

At Tastermonial, we make health a priority, but we believe eating well shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on taste. Our diet-specific Tasterboxes include a variety of delicious full-size products that must pass strict ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition and manufacturing standards.

The brands we partner with are just as driven to change the food world, and we take the time to get to know our partners and how they intend on making an impact. Before products join the Tastermonial community, a thorough background check of the food maker is conducted to ensure they are food safe certified and practice ethical and sustainable sourcing.

Our onboarded brands are not only good for you, but the products are taste-tested by our team and community of experts to ensure that they are equal parts delicious and diet-appropriate. Just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean you should compromise on taste.

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