How come I cannot add a product listing to my Tastermonial Vendor’s Portal?

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How come I cannot add a product to my Tastermonial Vendor’s Portal?
  • First, the shipping configuration must be set as default and you must enter your payout setting. Go to Configuration and select Shipping Configuration. Click on Action and set Default. Next, go to Profile and select Payment Details. Then select either PayPal or internet banking as the Payment Method. If you choose PayPal, simply enter the email address associated with your PayPal business account. If you choose internet banking, you will need to enter the Bank, name on the account, account number and routing number.

If you have a Shopify, Amazon or WooCommerce account, we can extract that listing so you do not need to create a listing on your vendor's portal.

How do I create a listing?

What do I need to create a listing?

How do I edit a listing?

How can I update my inventory?

Is there an on-boarding guide?

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