How can I update my inventory?

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How can I update my inventory?
  • Go to Products, select Products Listing and select Action on the desired listing and click Edit.  Scroll down to Variant Details, select Action and click Edit. Scroll down to Track Inventory, select Track This Product’s Inventory and enter in the Quantity amount.  Then click Save Changes.
If you have Shopify and you added Syncio, the inventory is synced so you only need to maintain inventory from your Shopify account.

The inventory is showing 0 on Tastermonial but I thought Syncio keeps track of my inventory from my Shopify. Why is that?

What is Syncio?

How do I create a listing?

How come I cannot add a product listing to my Tastermonial Vendor’s Portal?

Why does my product listing say Pending under Status?

Why does my product listing say Disapproved under Status?

Is there an on-boarding guide?

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