Getting Started with Glucose Experiment. How to get a CGM?

The FreeStyle Libre is available over-the-counter at most pharmacies in the United States and throughout the world but requires a doctor’s prescription in the United States.

A month’s supply of sensors costs under US$100, so don’t bother trying to get your health insurance to reimburse you unless you have a specific medical reason, in which case consult your doctor.

If you need a prescription, the Freestyle Buying Guide gives detailed information about how the product works, and what to tell your doctor. Most doctors will be happy to prescribe it if you explain that you’ll be paying out of pocket.

You may also be able to order one from an online pharmacy:

Buy the Libre 14-day sensor by itself and you can download the Libre Link App to sync your blood glucose data and log food and activities by scanning every 8 hours. If you have an iPhone 7 +  or an Android, don’t bother buying the Reader (which is an additional US$200). At the time of this writing, the Libre 2 sensor cannot be used with the Libre Link App in the United States.

Numerous companies will give you a month’s worth of CGM with an app and nutrition advice for under $500. They provide an app with a better User Interface and food/activity logging experience than the Freestyle Libre Link app. $499 4-week program includes 2 Freestyle Libre devices and an app to guide your eating, fasting, and exercise choices.  Join their “cohort” and receive  2 CGM devices/month and 24/7 nutritionist advice with an app that tracks your glucose, fasting, and more. a San Francisco-based clinic providing CGM-centric diabetes care. On Aug. 25, 2020, they’re launching a 5-week Starter program that costs $50 and will include a prescription for two CGMs, AI-aided smartphone-based coaching and education around food and exercise, and data interpretation with an endocrinologist. offers “metabolic health” services, including a CGM and nutritionist consultation for about $400/month.

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