I have an existing Shopify account. Why is that important?

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I have an existing Shopify account.  Why is that important?
  • There are advantages to having a Shopify account with regards to seamlessly syncing to Tastermonial.  Using a free app called Syncio, we can easily extract listings from your Shopify to our Shop.  Syncio also does a continual sync on images, description and inventory.  When an order is placed from our Shop, Syncio is able to push the order through to your Shopify where you can fulfill the order.

How do I add the Syncio key to my Shopify?

What is Syncio?

I do not have WooCommerce, Amazon or Shopfiy.  Is that a problem?

I have WooCommerce. Why is that important?

I have Amazon. Why is that important?

Is there an on-boarding guide?

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